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Some of the many products we handle.


G.E. Outdoor Lighting-LED

Acuity Lighting (American Lighting, Holophane, Lithonia)




Ripley Photo Cells

Green Creative

Halco Lighting/Prolume-Lamps

Flagpoles_P&K (Poles- Alum)

RAB Lighting-LED

Vision Quest Lighting

ALR (Recycling of Lamps, Ballasts, Computers, Batteries, Electronic Waste)

Aircycle- Disposal


ASD Lighting (LED)

Sentry Lighting (Decortative)


New Product announcment! Howard Industries introduces LED Solar power street lights with the solar panel intergrated into the fixture. Please contact us for specifics and pricing!


If you have a specific product need we can work to meet that need.

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